Sunday      9AM     PIYO Live!  with Kristen

                     6pm      Heated Vinyasa Flow with Chris

Monday       6pm      Forrest Yoga (in heated room) with Andrea

                      7:15pm   All Levels Yoga with Julie

Tuesday     6pm     Gentle Yoga with Deb

                     6pm      Kid’s Yoga with Wendy

                      7:30pm      Pilates with Tricia  

Wednesday   9AM   Intermediate Yoga 

                       6pm  Heated Power Vinyasa Yoga  with Julie   

                        6pm  All Levels Yoga with Lena

Thursday    5:45AM   PiYo (Pilates/yoga) with Amanda

                       6pm        Gentle Yoga with Deb

Friday          9AM    PiYo with Amanda

Saturday     9AM           Gentle Yoga with Wendy

                 10:30AM    Intermediate Yoga with Lena